Arakkal museum is a dedicated to Arakkal family, the only muslim royal family in Kerala. The durbar hall section of Arakkal kettu (Arakkal palace), located in Kannur district is converted to a museum by Government of Kerala .Muslims of Malabar played a major role in local army and navy as well as acting as ambassadors to China and Arabia from times of Zamorines onwards. The history of muslims in Kerala is closely related to the trade development with China and Arabia. Arakkal palace complex is an embodiment to the contributions of the muslim society to Kerala Culture. The Palace premises were in a dilapidated state much misused and altered. With all those signs of decay a Master Plan was drafted to preserve the complex after analysis of causative factors of distress, timely intervention in to areas needing restoration and financial feasibility studies .Master plan gave emphasis to conservation as well as adaptive reuse. As a first phase the peripheral building- Durbar hall got converted to a museum displaying artefacts. The rare instances of muslim weapons and articles with pronounced Arabian influence finds place in the museum. The museum got formally inaugurated in July 2005 and was awarded by UNESCO for its pioneering status in heritage conservation.

Duration: 2004-.-2006


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