Aswini nursing College located in the suburbs of Thrissur city in a 4 acre lush green plot with coconut plantations and 2 ponds is a sister concern of Aswini Hospitals. The architectural planning scheme follows a spread out pattern of built form highly responsive to the concepts climate control and the right ambience of an educational institution. The buildings articulated with verandahs and courtyards strikes the right balance between exterior and interior spaces. The bulky buildings housing class rooms are so placed as to facilitate passive lighting, wind movement and easy access .The hostel blocks are inward looking to the corridor while library block is facing outward to the long verandah. The building blocks follow a strict hierarchy of open spaces going along with a regular geometric placement reminiscent of institutional buildings. The Rain water harvesting system employing two ponds on the site and the adaptive reuse of an old existing building in the site to one hostel indicates the efficiency of site repair and planning. All buildings in exposed brick walls takes inspiration from age old building practices of energy efficiency reducing the usage of cement where as pre stressed concrete slabs employed in roofing follows the pattern of, modular roofing style characterized by age old Kerala architecture.

Site Area-4 Acres
Duration: 2005-06

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