Thalassery in Kannur district, Kerala in often referred as the city of cricket, cakes and circus. The culture of Thalassery can be seen as the amalgamation of different cultures owing to its coastal location, influence of both French and British colonial advent and many related aspects. Thalassery assumed the status of a tourist destination after many of its tourist spots gained popularity with the collective efforts from Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. Many of those tourist spots like Thalassery fort, Overbury’s folly, Sea view park, municipal park etc. has got huge prominence in the history as well as the urban fabric of Thalassery. The long coastal line along the road way, the district court established by colonial British government, the watch tower all forms part of the heritage circuit. The tourism master plan saw renovation of the premises with historic importance, enhancing aesthetic values of the prescient and provision of amenities. The master plan first of all identified areas of tourist interest and the modes of intervention. The long neglected areas near British fort and district court received landscape treatment, pathway adjoining the coastal line and pathway in between Sea View Park and Municipal Park was proposed to have an architectural treatment involving edge definition, framed walk ways introduction of pavers etc. The subtle yet meaningful interventions mark the first phase of tourism development and circuit formulation in the cultural hot pot of Kerala.

Site Area-161.87 Hectares

Duration: 2008-2012


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