Elements  is located in the heart of the Calicut city, near mofusil bus-stand, along rajaji cross road. This building was initially occupied by some who made that place in a state of ruin. After that it was hired by the client to start an organic store. At that time it was totally a littered and messy place. So it was renovated and only after that, it has changed into such a beautiful place.

ELEMENTS is an organic store whose products are an outcome of organic farming techniques, incorporated with eco-conscious and eco- friendly atmosphere. It is actually a 2 storied building with ground floor occupied by grocery items and a fruit/vegetable zone which is under a thatch, in the front portion (left end). The first floor is occupied by a coffee deck and in addition to this it has provisions like ethical clothing area, reading area which is a tinted space, toy/crafts/origami section and also a deck which is beautifully shaded by a tree. This deck is a major attraction of this building. There is a spiral stair in first floor which adds beauty to the space


It is actually the clients who possess a positive approach towards environment and materials they use. The requirements of the clients were strong yet aesthetic. They are not ready to spoil the earth in any ways. The materials used within this building are recyclable and biodegradable ones. Even the glass and steel sections they used can be reused.

In the first floor we can see that no much artificial ventilation is provided and have tried to reduce further construction of permanent structures during renovation. Instead, for proper air circulation and lighting they have provided a series of full length windows on the front region, which is one of the major attractions of this building. For these windows they have used coloured glass (flora) and recycled wood for shutter, and the lower portion is made louvered. The remaining upper part is covered using mesh instead of plastered wall, so even when windows are closed air circulation within the building occurs through the louvers below and the mesh above. So the interior of the building always remain fresh and we don`t feel any suffocation even when the doors are closed.

Being inside this building we can feel the calmness and it tells us that the proper way of treatment done for the interiors can create a favourable microclimate. The use of contrasting colours for the windows/doors and the light and shade created by those elements tries to accentuate the quality of space. We can see that some pattern gets repeated which creates a harmony in areas such as reading space, grocery etc. Thus each and every interior element is a visual treat. Materials used here has got its own unique properties such as colour, texture etc which contribute to the creation of striking interiors and breathtaking views.


 Materials used for the interiors are mainly vernacular ones such as glass, wood, sack, jute, cane, plywood etc which are biodegradable and recyclable ones. Thus being inside this store make us feel cozy and relaxed. Also seeing such a neat and clean grocery shop, people are keen to know what is happening inside.

Eco-friendly and recyclable refers to that materials which does not cause any harm to life and environment. This building differs from other building mainly in the use of materials. We can see that use of materials such as marble, terracotta, laterite etc are avoided and natural and vernacular materials are given more importance.

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