In today’s fast developing world the care required for financially and physically weak senior citizens constitutes a rare breed of social issue. The projects to home such people are highly impersonal and naive. This project showcases spaces for older generation distinct with a humane treatment Former D.G.P of Kerala state Mr.K.J.Joseph and his wife Rita formed a partnership with five others to set up an enclave for senior citizens in Pariyaram, Kannur district, Kerala .The 8 acre site in an undulating terrain called for 56 individual cottages in terraces. The architectural scheme envisaged a multifunctional central open space well placed as to have maximum visibility and access to all residential blocks. The axis of the built form follows regularity enabling future expansion. Each blocks are independent with a small verandah, a courtyard, one bedroom, kitchenette, toilet and a balcony. All such cottages are connected by passages that follow site undulations and roofed with terracotta tiles. Common dining rooms, centralized laundry facility and guest house facilities are provided with equal accessibility. The whole project saw extensive usage of locally available materials such as laterite stones and Baliyapattom tiles.
Site Area- 8 Acre
Duration: 2003-.04

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